the final countdown: pitch review edition

Digital Artefacts are important in the BCM community. Digital artefacts are an item that can be produced and stored on the internet. Throughout my experience of interacting with digital artefacts, you see a lot them on platforms like Instagram or Tik Tok. Digital artefacts can also be videos, photos, webpages or even blockchain. All of us can make artefacts that can impact the world in so many ways.

I have been doing digital artefacts for 3 years and I have been working on one mainly for over two years. I am near the end of my degree which is super exciting but very nerve racking. Future employers would want to see the projects we have been developing in our time at university so we want to create them at a good standard. I will be reviewing two classmate’s digital artefacts that are totally different to each other. That is the beauty of being in the BCM world as different projects can come to light and it can inspire other people with their own developments.

Kendal’s Pitch Video link:

Kendal manages a network of social media accounts that are all about “Kinetic Martial Arts.” He has a background of martial arts and that motivated him clearly to continue pursuing this digital artefact. He started this since the beginning of BCM and he started with one Facebook page for one martial arts club. Now he has evolved into several accounts that include other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. “Kinetic Martial Arts” has a large demographic from children to adults. Due to this, there is not one account for him to manage as he must produce different content on many accounts

For this Digital Artefact, he was going to create four Instagram accounts on top of what he is currently doing. He is already running the webpage for “Kinetic Martial Arts Cronulla” as well as Facebook pages and Instagram accounts already. It is not clear to me whether this is his day job because I felt overwhelmed watching his pitch video. He had a lot of things he was planning to do in this semester but I felt it was too much. I have a day job that isn’t related to this at all and I am currently working 36 hours a week. I find doing my own digital artefact quite challenging to my schedule. If he believes he can manage these social media accounts without feeling burnout then that is an achievement to him. I do suggest though that Kendal should try Tik Tok. You can advertise your martial arts school brilliantly with a 15 second video on this platform. Tik Tok users are active on other social media platforms (Cyca 2022). A high percentage of users (99%) aged between 18 to 34 are reporting that they use other platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube (Cyca 2022). This supports the possibility of viewers to follow your account based on that video

Tori’s Pitch Video link:

Tori’s digital artefact is based on helping people particularly with the BCM community. She is part of the Creative Services team. This team is to aid students who “need help navigating the social media and digital world or wanting to expand their creative horizons.” This projects sounds fantastic and it will be beneficial for new students. It also looks like that this team is already organised as they are already creating a rough timeline. They also have set up a content plan for early stages of production and creation. It sounds good and I might need to reach out to them for my own digital artefact in terms of advertising it creatively.

I love that this pitch has already created some examples of how this “creative agency” is going to be used and what resources they will have. A resource they have is called creative advertising. This can provide a competitive edge for a brand and can give a positive market response against their rivals (Frazer 1983; Newman 1993). The mood board shows the aesthetic of what the Creative Services team is going for. The online persona of “Emma” looks very professional in terms of structure and how it is presented for a potential client. This digital artefact is very collaborative due to multiple students pitching in ideas through their very own discord channel which is key element that this subject is looking for.

I can’t wait to see what projects that they have aided with. It would be good if they had a client list of what “brands” or what people they have collaborated (with permission of course) with so it doesn’t seem intimidating to work with this team.


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