the final countdown: the last pitch review ever

Wow, digital artefacts for me are now starting to end. It has been a long road for me to produce my main digital artefact particularly when I have been online for two years. This is the last semester of me creating digital artefacts and with that comes the last of reviews. Over this semester, I have seen the progress of my fellow students that I have reviewed in Week 5. It is great to see what content they have made and how they have collaborated with their community or team. It is also nice to see how passionate Kendal and Tori are in their projects and it shows with what content are producing

Pitch Video link:

Kendal’s digital artefact has astonished me. He made multiple Instagram accounts as well as running other social media accounts for “Kinetic Martial Arts.” He has made more of a community for this sport in other areas like Wollongong and locations surrounding the coastal areas. It is cool that each logo is the same except for the background colour so you know they are the same organisation.

I wanted to see if he was regularly posting on these accounts because that would be an achievement on its own. I also wanted to see if it is all original content and not just copy and paste for all the accounts he is managing on Instagram. Every account has different content produced like videos and photos. It is all raw footage and not edited with a filter. I noticed that his videos are not reaching to their full potential and it may be due to no hashtags. It could also be not being captivating enough. It doesn’t “hook, line and sink” to the viewer and it doesn’t capture our attention visually due to it all looking the same.

I also mean this with the actual feed too. I guess it is quite hard to mix up footage that is different with each post. I believe that if he went to “the digital memo” team, he would be able to find strategies to find other ways to make content. He could interview students in the martial arts community, do illustrations or quotes that could be fillers in between all martial arts content.

Overall, he has done an excellent job coordinating all this content with so many Instagram accounts. It would be quite difficult for me to do with my work schedule as well as my high level of procrastination. I couldn’t manage that much and with him doing that anything is possible. I will probably ask him how he tackles time management and what strategies he uses.

I did see though that he hasn’t updated us on his progress with his DA on his twitter. This is the only tweet has posted so luckily I knew about his Instagram accounts through his WordPress blog. Otherwise it would be hard to know what has happened with this DA based on what he has posted on Twitter as there was no information on it.

Pitch Video link:

To find Tori’s digital artefact I had to do some digging. I found it hard at first to find the updated version of the “Creative Services team” but after some Twitter searches I came across the creative agency. It is now called “the digital memo” which sounds so clean and aesthetically pleasing for the type of agency it is.

I followed their account to see what content they would be posting and if they would be publishing their multiple services on their social media. Multiple members would post different things that they can contribute in terms of service. For instance, some digital memo members have strengths in fields that people need help with like Tik Tok creation. The student that is the expert in this field will advertise their expertise and what is best way to contact them. In the final weeks of this semester I will contact this agency to help me with the design of my logo for my Instagram account. I don’t know how to create a logo or even draw one as I am not creatively gifted in that department.

They also have a website that showcases the team. They have each team member’s strengths listed as well as some experience they have had in that field. The website has a blog section too as well as tips and tricks for content creation or other information related to social media. It is great that this project is up and running especially for the BCM community and they already have clients wanting assistance in their projects.

I feel like they don’t need to post much like a content creator. They could publish their client’s work, what they have done and the progress they have achieved using this creative agency. It would almost feel like a success story type of montage but with people’s work and what they wanted to achieve with the agency.

The presentation of this creative agency is sophisticated. The colour scheme of the light green/sage feels calming which aids students in participating in this agency. It looks well established and would give me great confidence of this team helping me creatively.  


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