games are beta for fitness

My digital Artefact has changed in terms of me focusing on one fitness app. For research purposes, I wanted to experiment on other fitness apps that try to engage people in running. It would be good for me to see how each of these fitness apps would go especially from a person who can’t run (yeah, the test run was a disaster). It gives me a question of whether I “will it makes me enjoy the experience? Will, I play it well?” (Moore, Lecture 2, 2021). From my previous post, I talked about how I was going to research these fitness apps by the analytical framework I have made for this study. I already have had some experience with Nike Run Club so I felt I should search for another app that delivers that type of motivation. I decided to try the fitness app Zombies, Run!

This fitness app is one of a kind. I thought I would need to put my data on because I thought it would have the same principle to Nike Run Club. So, this was even better as I am very picky on what apps I turn my data on (I only have 10gb as I see that as small). This fitness app has had almost 4 million downloads since its launch in 2012 (Hon 2017). I can see why as it is more inviting to Nike Run Club. We can build a place to stop zombies coming into our territory (a bit like clash of clans) and we can collect items to help us on our runs. 

Video credit: Six to Start

The feedback that was from my pitch post suggested the idea that I should look more into the what features make gamification extremely successful on mobile phones? That inspired me to look for the features that remind us of video games within this app. The article “Gamification Use and Design in Popular Health and Fitness Mobile Applications” the commenter suggested, gave me an insight on how gamification has been used by 64% of mobile applications (Cotton & Patel 2018). 

Zombies, Run! is the perfect example of a fitness app that can be easily explored through my analytical framework that I have made. This app gives me an answer to whether gamification is effective in motivating exercise. Their aim was successful in increasing user engagement and enjoyment (Goh & Razikin 2015) as a total of 29 million kilometres have been ran between 15 countries (Hon 2017). By the video, I made on Instagram alone you know what the answer is (spoiler alert: it’s yes).

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10 thoughts on “games are beta for fitness

  1. hey, hey!

    omg i haven’t seen a DA like this one at all and i love the concept! including fitness and games together is such an interesting take and, as health is usually a concern when it comes to long time game play an incredible project to be exploring! your blog post was expressive, you deeply understand you task and what you’re doing, and even made a few jokes (dw my test run would be terrible too).
    i loved how you explained the feedback given to you, and took it on board to further your research. you mention framework however im not sure which framework it is? i like how you state that this is something you want to do and how more in depth you explore this concept in your video. this source here looks at the way active video games affect children and teens, and with ever so rise of video game culture i think this is useful in spreading the affect and awareness for younger generation in regards to health 🙂


  2. Hi, Anderson, your BETA is great, I love it! I think the fitness project is very interesting and very attractive to me. I think it is very useful for most people, and its audience will be very wide. If the region is not restricted, I will download what you said “ZOMBIES, RUN!” to try it out. After watching the introduction video, I found it very exciting.
    When analyzing the framework, you talked about “whether it can really motivate people”, the audience’s feelings are very important, and you have analyzed from the number of views, and improved from the audience’s feedback, such as the background music you said, you analyzed Which presentation format the audience prefers. The way you tell the audience by trying it yourself is particularly good!


  3. Firstly, I am obsessed with your casual approach to the vlog style format as suggested in the outline – It was so engaging seeing you talk so clearly and comfortably about your topic.

    Run zombies is something I’ve never known about till now. I hate running but it’s always something I’ve wanted to get better at and to have the zombie immersion is so amusing to me. It seems that the gamification of normal activities does promote and enhance the experience of that activity which Is something I never realised.

    Your project has iterated accordingly due to feedback and is on the right track. I think you’ve got your research questions in order but are lacked stating the 3 analytical frameworks –

    Perhaps you could discuss the participatory media culture around fitness apps and the way people share their progress across a multitude of social platforms.

    I found this article – “Is There an App to Track That? The Effect of Mobile Devices on the Culture of Fitness Centres” that may help analyse the emergence of culture around fitness apps.


  4. I love the concept of your DA, I always found games that incorporate the real world super interesting. Especially when it comes to adding a element of fitness to the equation. I’m very excited about the future of this DA going into the final weeks, overall I feel like you presented your points well and gave the depth that was need to understand the concepts of you are going to discus in your DA


  5. I love this DA and I’m really excited to see where it goes, especially within the next few weeks. You seem to thoroughly enjoy what you’re doing and it shows in how comfortable and confident you are when discussing the logistics of your project. I also am on the same wavelength as you, I find the gamification of sometimes mundane tasks can make them all the more exciting and takes the seriousness out of it. Mentioning feedback, taking it on board and incorporating that into your work is really productive and credit to you for being so open to that. I think you’re doing amazing, keep it up !!


  6. Hey Lilyy!

    Your beta is very engaging, the idea of conducting a fitness project is very appealing to me because I’m a D1 athlete from America training to be the best crotch player in the world, to make my family in Bangladesh proud. The combination of athletics and zombies is epic and enables a wider audience to be attracted to your project. The discussion you have about the motivation of your target audience is an interesting point to bring up. I have two sources that can assist you in understanding how to better motivate your target niche. The first is an article discussing ‘How Motivation Works to Promote the Relationship Between Work Environment and Organizational Commitment’,, which has applications to your DA. The second is the Song ‘Face Off’ by Tech N9ne featuring THE ROCK. This song has helped me in my times of being a D1 athlete when I thought that my trials and tribulations were impossible. I believe the utilization of this song could be insanely helpful for the motivation of your target niche and will enable you to get a HD, no cap. I’m keen to see where your DA leads in the future.


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